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Creating freedom and optimal health requires time, patience, consistency, knowledge, an open heart and a collaborative approach.

About Me

Hello, I'm Suzie Wylie – a dedicated Functional Health Practitioner, Coach, and Psychotherapist in Training, committed to guiding individuals towards holistic well-being and personal transformation. My diverse training and expertise encompass various fields, allowing me to provide comprehensive support to those seeking positive change in their lives.


A Journey of Learning and Growth


My educational background includes a Master's degree in Nutrition Science and Practice, complemented by certifications in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Functional Medicine, Eating Psychology, and Mind-Body Nutrition. Additionally, I am a qualified Personal Trainer, and my continuous commitment to growth has led me to complete certifications in CBT, advanced CBT, CBT-E, and Eating Disorder-related training.


Psychotherapy Training: Unlocking the Power of Healing


My dedication to fostering well-being has led me to embark on the path of Gestalt Counselling and Psychotherapist training. As a Psychotherapist in Training, I am deeply committed to supporting individuals in exploring their inner world, uncovering the roots of their challenges, and facilitating the healing process. From November 2023 onwards, I will be qualified to see psychotherapy clients, bringing the transformative power of psychotherapy to our partnership.


A Passion for Empowering Transformation


My heart lies in supporting individuals who feel stuck in the grips of ill health, trapped in unhelpful thought patterns, and seeking more fulfillment in their lives. With empathy and understanding, I work alongside my clients to explore the origins of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, often tracing them back to childhood experiences or trauma. I recognise how these patterns can contribute to nervous system dysregulation, impacting the body on a biochemical level and leading to challenges in mental and physical well-being.


Sharing Personal Experience and Resilience


My journey has not been without challenges, as I have faced disordered eating as a teenager, been diagnosed with IBS in my late teens, and navigated anxiety, depression, and burnout. Additionally, my experiences include embarking on a path of professional Muay Thai fighting in Thailand for over three years. These personal challenges have fuelled my passion for helping others unlock their potential for vibrant health and a fulfilling life.


Unlocking Health and Life Potential


My mission is clear: to guide individuals in understanding their current patterns of being and how they relate to their current health challenges. By supporting positive change and fostering insight, I empower my clients to unleash their health and life potential.


Join Me on Your Journey to Thrive


Together, we will explore the depths of your well-being, identify opportunities for growth, and create a roadmap towards optimal health and a life filled with purpose and vitality.


Are you ready to take the first step towards transformation? Let's embark on this empowering journey together.

Certifications / Registrations
  • Relational Gestalt Psychotherapist in Advanced Training - from November 2023

  • MSc Nutrition Science & Practice

  • PG Dip Nutrition Science & Practice 

  • Legal Practice Course

  • PG Dip Law

  • BSc (Hons) Catering & Food Management

  • Member of BANT (British Association of Lifestyle Medicine) 

  • Registered with CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council) 

  • Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition Certified (CISN) course endorsed by British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) - Distinction.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer 

  • CHEK Practitioner - Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

  • IPE (Institute for the Psychology of Eating) - Eating Psychology Coach 

  • Loughborough University CPD UK accredited course - Disordered Eating in Athletes 

  • CBT-E (CBT for Eating Disorders) course by Chris Fairburn

  • CBT, Advanced CBT certificates

  • Various courses with the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behaviour Medicine (NICABM) relating to mental health, trauma and the polyvagal theory.

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