Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching identifies why and how symptoms of ill health occur and restores balance and health by addressing the physical or emotional root cause for each individual,
Offering online sessions. 

work with me

I offer a Comprehensive Functional Medicine Based Health Assessment as a stand alone service, including a Functional Blood Test, health questionnaire, with a results and interpretation session
A 6 - 12 month Coaching Programme, which includes a Comprehensive Functional Medicine Based Health assessment leading into a 6 or 12 month all inclusive programme including a deeper dive into your frustrating symptoms and health imbalances identified within the bloods report, combined with personalised strategies and coaching to enable behaviour change and guide you towards sustainable long term health and happiness.
Functional Medicine Based Comprehensive Health Assessment
- A comprehensive functional blood test which measures around 80 blood markers (like a good MOT).  For a sample report click here.  Alternatively if you already have blood tests from your GP I can interpret those.
- A results session interpreting your blood results together with your completed health questionnaire, identifying your completed health questionnaire, identifying any functional imbalances, markers relating to your glucose control, macronutrient status, nutrient deficiencies, liver and gallbladder function, hormones, full blood count and immune system function and inflammation.   
6 - 12 month all inclusive coaching commitment:
The above functional blood test with results session to achieve a baseline, leading to an all inclusive 6 or 12 month coaching commitment which includes the following:
- A full initial intake adding extra information collected in the results session, this gives you an opportunity to tell me your story.  This information often reveals extra layers to your healing journey.
- any additional testing deemed necessary, such as stool testing, organic acids testing, mould / toxic exposure, stealth infections.  A repeat blood test will be completed at the end for comparison.
- all supplements for the duration of the programme.
- extra therapy assessment sessions if deemed appropriate, such as Bio Resonance, Firstbeat HRV testing, hypnotherapy, EMDR, infra-red, among others, to ensure a truly holistic approach.
- Personalised recommendations based on the results of your blood panel, any additional testing  and based on research, delivered using an easy 'one step at a time' approach.
- Fortnightly sessions with weekly check ins, on which to build the recommendations, discuss new or existing symptoms, including coaching around behaviour change / emotional blocks / sabotaging behaviours that may be getting in the way of progress.  
Regular symptom tracking throughout the programme.
- Psychoeducation is provided along the way illustrating how your symptoms have come to be and how your body and mind work on a functional level.  All designed to give you the tools and understanding of how your body works, to eventually hand over control and understanding of your body at completion.
All our sessions are online so you will be in the comfort of your own home.  Face to face also available if you are local.
Allow me into your world to support you on your journey back to freedom in body and mind.
There is no such thing as a 'quick fix,' regaining your health and mindset and stepping into who you know deep down you are capable of being takes time, but I will be with you every step of the way.
Blood test report example ....

reach out

Contact me to arrange a FREE 60 - 90 minute chat to explore your needs.  Use my contact form or book a Functional Health Strategy call below.

a free 30 minute chat

To discuss your current needs and challenges, answer any questions and get your initial blood test sorted.

initial full intake session

A full intake session and a chance to tell your story combined with analysing your blood results on which to base your personalised programme.

ongoing support

Your results will dictate the length of structure of the ongoing support - from a few basic tweaks, to fortnightly sessions with weekly check ins to really walk alongside you to build on and support you on your journey. 

functional health strategy call

Free chat to discuss your needs
60 - 90 mins

check in

For existing clients in my 6 or 12 month package
60 mins

bloods results 

For bloods results and interpretation session
60 hour
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