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I'm Suzie Wylie and I'm here to help you to understand how your digestive issues, mental health issues, fatigue and stubborn weight gain are symptoms of imbalances in your body and are beautifully linked to stored energy and emotions from your past, and help you to gain awareness and insight and ultimately integrate them into your system, to allow your body to regain its function and balance and help you find freedom and empowerment within yourself.

I love this work and have a lot of experience working with high achieving clients who arrive with confusing and frustrating digestive and mental health symptoms, usually taking medications, who also have a history of a disordered relationship with food, trauma and thoughts feelings and beliefs that often get in the way of what they want.  Yet, they feel deep down that there is more to life and another way to be and to show up.  I promise you there is!
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I have a background in using the root cause Functional Medicine approach, trained in holistic coaching, eating psychology coaching, eating disorder coach training and personal training.  I use this training, combined with powerful coaching questions and continuous support in my work with clients, to help clients to achieve freedom and empowerment.  I've been through it, now allow me to walk with you through your experience and be your guide.   
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"I’m probably what you would call a typical 52 year old workaholic. I work long hours and meals were often rushed with little time for exercise or me. I was suffering from constant bloating, low energy levels and a lot of abdominal pain. This had become my norm. Suzie has helped me put a sensible and workable plan together that has got my health back on track and given me back control of my life. Not only has the bloating and abdominal pain disappeared but I now have more energy and my weight is where it should be for a woman of my age. By making simple lifestyle changes I have reconnected with the person I knew was there but who had become lost in the stresses and strains of everyday life. With a little encouragement, I’ve refound myself. We can have enjoyable careers and busy lives but we must learn how to balance that with looking after our physical health and well-being. I definitely feel mentally and physically so much better for it".

- Michelle

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York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom 


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